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Soilless cultivation refers to the cultivation method of irrigating seedlings with nutrient solution after planting, using substrate instead of natural soil or only when raising seedlings. Because soilless cultivation can artificially create a good rhizosphere environment to replace the soil environment, effectively prevent the physiological obstacles caused by soil continuous cropping diseases and soil salt accumulation, fully meet the needs of crops for mineral nutrition, water, gas and other environmental conditions, and the basic materials for cultivation can be recycled, so it has the characteristics of water saving, fertilizer saving, labor saving, high yield and high quality.
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Detail Infomation

Product Name: Static Hydroponics Tank
Water tank volume
Small size: 5L water
Medium size: 10L water
Packing weight
SJT001 Hydroponic Tank   2.25KG
SJT001A Medium Oxygen-Enhanced Hydroponic Tank 2.45KG
SJT001A Medium Oxygenation Timing Hydroponics Box 2.55KG
SJT002 small hydroponic tank 1.48KG
SJT002A Small Aerobic Hydroponic Tank 1.7KG
SJT002A Small Oxygenation Timing Hydroponic Tank 1.8KG
Packaging volume
Small hydroponic tank: 32*22.5*20CM
Medium-sized hydroponic tank: 45*32*20CM


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