China International Modern Agriculture Exhibition, CIMAE 2017

Name: 2017 China International Modern Agriculture Exhibition (CIMAE 2017).
Date: Apr.22 to Apr.24, 2017. 
Address: China National Exhibition Center, Beijing, China.

Introduction of Exhibition:
Pesticide and fertilizer are the guarantee of strategic supplies of national grain safety, also are the material foundation for the sustainable development of agriculture. At present, the development of China's fertilizer industry has entered into a new stage. Ministry of Agriculture has proposed zero fertilizer growth plan. MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology) is launching the key science and technology projects that Reducing Chemical Fertilizers Reinforcing Effects. To speed up the transformation and upgrading of fertilizer industry has become a need of promoting the agricultural production efficiency and constructing efficient and safe agriculture, which is conductive to the development of modern intensive agriculture. 

To adapt the development trend of China's pesticide and fertilizer market and construct efficient and safe agriculture, 2017 China International Pesticides and Fertilizers Exhibition will be held simultaneously in 2017 CIMAE. The exhibition will display fully three-dimensional advanced technology and cutting-edge products in the field of pesticide and fertilizer, promoting the technical cooperation and trade development of the pesticide, revealing the new look of fertilizer market.

At the same time, high profile and timely activities like "2017 China International New Fertilizer Technology Innovation BBS" and "Integral Technology of water and fertilizer promotion seminar" will be carried out, setting up the best platform of efficient trade cooperation, resources docking, consulting exchanges for the pesticide and fertilizer industry, promoting the development of Chinese green agriculture. 

Scope of Exhibition:
1. Fertilizer 
Nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer, biological fertilizer, compound fertilizer, ecological natural fertilizer, controlled release fertilizer, organic fertilizer, fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, the effects of fat, salt fertilization,micro-element fertilizer, seedling, soil conditioner and is conducive to crop yield and improve quality of biological technology and products, etc. 

2. Pesticide 
Insecticide, fungicide, herbicide, health pesticides, rodenticide, nematicides, acaricide, molluscicid, algicide, general organic raw materials, intermediates, industrial gases, elemental, acid, alkali, inorganic salt, basic organic chemical raw materials, etc. 

3. Plant protection machinery
Agrochemical products production and supporting equipment, fertilizer fertilization machinery, plant protection instrument equipment, powder spraying equipment, spray equipment, spray equipment, product packaging machinery and equipment; Agricultural plastic, agricultural machinery, cutting machine, residual test instrument, etc.

China International Modern Agriculture Exhibition, CIMAE 2017 

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