The Development of Water Soluble Fertilizer

Agricultural policies promote integration of water and fertilizer developed rapidly in recent five year. The production of twelfth five year plan rose nearly 80% per year; the production capacity of the end of "Twelfth five-year" reaches 7 million tons, with the production of only 3.1 million tons. So the production capacity just plays only 43%. During 2011 to 2014, the consumption of China water soluble fertilizer accounted for 71% in the economic crops and 29% in field crops. The consumption of global water soluble fertilizer is about 15 million tons, including about 80% economic crop consumption. 

The New Deal reducing fertilizer and integration of water and fertilizer stimulate water-soluble fertilizer product to innovate. What meet the demand of crops and vegetative growth is nutrient water-soluble fertilizer; what solving the problem of crop production is functional water soluble fertilizer. The key to realize "basal fertilizer + nutrient fertilizer + functional fertilizer" by formula fertilization is technical services auxiliary. Some registration system of the water-soluble fertilizer in China has promoted the research and development of new product, but also has hindered the promotion and application of low cost products and raw materials of fertilizer. 

Now there are some problems with water-soluble fertilizer industry: the threshold production enterprise is low; inudant product formula; disorder market competition; last long time. Individual small-scale farmers block water-soluble fertilizer towards scale development and increase the cost of technical services and sales. Counterfeit and shoddy products proliferated; The quality of technical service is bad; lacking of a complete set of irrigation equipment and services and wanting package cultivation techniques of irrigation service becomes the key to the development of water-soluble fertilizer industry; Water soluble fertilizer enterprises need to breakthrough the bottleneck of: technology combination, supply and service mode.

nitrate-compound fertilizer and fertilizer UAN will replace a large number of elements of material fertilizer water-soluble fertilizer. As scale, intensive degree become more and more high, and the low cost of water-soluble raw materials fertilizer market will further expand, mainly for nitrogen, UAN, calcium ammonium nitrate and urea nitro fertilizer products may become hit products. There are 18 enterprises in China who have both ammonium nitrate fertilizer and the urea. Ammonium nitrate has the production capacity of 5.34 million tons; the urea has production capacity of 8.94 million tons. If all enterprises produce UAN solution, there will be a production capacity of 13 million tons, and output can be regulated according to the market demand at any time. 

At present, some problems exist in multiply-functional liquid fertilizer in China: There is no proven mechanism of active material; blindly follow; In addition to the humic acid, amino acids and alginic acid these functional liquid fertilizer, industries have less for other functional material research and development of soil improvement. Some conduct deep research of material resistance mechanism, without combining with water soluble fertilizer industry to apply. The production technology and technical conditions of functional liquid fertilizer are simple and it is difficult to achieve mix. 

The developmental trend of multiply-function liquid fertilizer: integration of functional material mechanism research and liquid fertilizer research. The development of functional liquid fertilizer will start with the resistance mechanism of gene regulation and expression, according to the characteristics of the active material and the standards of water soluble fertilizer requirements, to develop functional fertilizer. Fertilizer combining with water constantly improves the production process of liquid fertilizer: through the microcapsule technology, chemical stability, surface active agent technology, chemical and pharmacy technology of interfacial polymerization reaction, let screened functional active substance and water soluble fertilizer solution processed into concentrated emulsion dosage forms or high concentration of suspended dosage forms. Natural fertilizer with insecticidal sterilization effect, biological fertilizer products and other organic liquid fertilizer products will continuously develop. 

Future industry competition will no longer provide a new agricultural output alone, but provides the solution to solve problems. The developmental trend of the fertilizer industry in China: basic fertilizer will become de-capacity; The space of high-efficiency fertilizer development will be larger; There will be zero-growth demand of fertilizer in 2020. Raising utilization is direction; Product innovation and labor-saving application is key; Changing policy, canceling preference, regulating fertilizer and big business take advantages. Realize the chemical fertilizer industry transformation and upgrading, industry consolidation, forming cross-industrial alliance; Package fertilization, technical services and regional service mode is the guarantee. 

Accelerate the promotion of integrative water and fertilizer. Increase the facilities of fertigation and construction of machinery fertigation. Infrastructure is the guarantee of water-soluble fertilizer development; Exploit the advantages of raw materials; Innovative functional material; Establish the effective guarantee system of raw materials. Water-soluble fertilizer with high performance/price ratio reduce farmers' investment; For needs of crop nutrition and soil improvement, realize the portfolio and innovation of package product; Find farmers’ demand gap from production and guide farmers use water-soluble fertilizer. 
Agrochemical service is the most effective measures to improve the sale of water-soluble fertilizer, also is core competitiveness of water-soluble fertilizer enterprise in future. There is a need to innovate the technological promotion service and marketing model of water-soluble fertilizer. 

The Development of Water Soluble Fertilizer

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