Eddha-Fe 6% Chelated Iron Fertilizer

Key Specifications / Features

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EDDHA -Fe 6% is a new plant nutritional supplement, with features of high solubility, high efficiency, quick effect, and wide suitability, etc. It can be rapidly absorbed by crop from pH3 to pH12. In the agricultural fertilizer production, as one of efficient iron chelated statement, it can be widely used as a foliar fertilizer, microelement fertilizer, organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, or used as a fertilizer additive to foliar application, drip irrigation, base fertilizer, top dressing, and can be used as soilless cultivation.
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Detail Infomation

Guaranteed Analysis
Solubility: approx 60g/L(20 ℃)
Near Position O-O: 1.2  2.4  3.0  3.6  4.2  4.8
Organic Iron (Fe): 6±0.4%
pH value (1% SL): 7.0-9.0
State: red brown granule/black brown powder
1)Prevent and collect the Yellow-leaf Disease of fruits trees, vegetable and crop caused by iron deficiency.
2)Promote chlorophyll synthesis of crop, enhance photosynthesis and increase the content of fruit nutrient.
3)Participate in the oxidation-reduction reaction and the process of transporting electron, and as well make sure of the normal physiological activity of crop.
4)Promote crop’s absorption and utilization of N, P, K and other microelements, improve the activity and increase utilization rate of fertilizers.
5)Improve quality of crop, and increase the yield.
Recommended Application
Application Dosage and Application Method
Foliar spray Diluted by 1:3000-5000
Root application Dissolved with the right amount of water, dig 15-20 cm deep groove around the fruit trees crown or along the sides of the plant, pour the solution evenly into the groove and fill it immediately
Drip irrigation and fertilization 1-1.5Kgs/Ha along with each irrigation water 
Fruits trees 2g/1Ltr water, pour the solution into the root
30g each plant once at sprouting stage and 15g each plant once at flowers fall stage
Leguminous plants 2g/1Ltr water, dissolve to foliar spray
3.7-7.5Kgs/Ha once at sprouting stage and 1.8-3.7Kgs/Ha once at flowers fall stage
Ornamental plants 2g/1Ltr water, dissolve to foliar spray
3.7-7.5Kgs/Ha once at sprouting stage

It is compatible with the majority of agrochemicals and fertilizers. Mixing and using with strong oxidant is forbidden. Please make small scale test before wide-spread application.
It is available in 1kg*12bags/carton, 1kg*20 or 25bags/carton, 1kg bag*20boxes /carton, 5kg*4bags/carton, 10kg bag, 25kg bag, 25kg drum, 500kg or 1000kg jumbo bag.
It should be stored out of direct sunlight and preferably in a dry and cool place.


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