Sodium Nitrophenolate (98%TC)

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sodium nitrophenolate is a strong cell agent,it can infiltrate rapidly into plant body, promote flow of cellular protoplasm and increase cell can accelerate growth speed,break dormancy, promote the growth and development,prevent the fallen petal, improve product quality and yield,increase the ability of resist-disease, resist-pests, resist-dry, resist-drought, resist-alkali ,resist-lodging.It is widely used in food crop,cash crop,vegetables, fruits,oil crops and flowers. sodium nitrophenolate use at any time from sowing to harvest time and increase yield. It can be used in foliage spray, seed soaking, irrigation, and flower spread. Because of its advantages such as high efficiency, low toxicity, low residue and no side effect, wide application dosage scope,it has been widely used in many countries and areas in the world. sodium nitrophenolate also use in husbandary and fishery to increase output and quality of meat,eggs and furs meanwhile to enhance immunity of animals and prevent many diseases. 
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Detail Infomation

Trade name:Sodium Nitrophenolate  
English name: Compound sodium nitrophenolate
Chemical composition: sodium 5-nitroguaiacolate, sodium ortho-nitrophenolate, sodium para-nitrophenolate
Molecular formula: C7H6NO4Na    C6H4NO3Na   C6H4NO3Na
Molecular weight191.1174    161.0916    161.0916
Physical and chemical character: sodium nitrophenolate is sodium salt of 3 nitro phenol compounds,have phenolic aromatic flavour, soluble in water easily, dissolve in Ethanol methanol acetone,good stability in normal condition, can mix with normal pesticides and fertilizer.
Toxicity: sodium nitrophenolate is low toxicity plant growth regulator, low toxicity for higher animal, no excitant for eye skin.
Quality level: Compound sodium nitrophenolate is 98%TC, 3 composition ratio as below:  sodium 5-nitroguaiacolate16.3% , sodium ortho-nitrophenolate 32.6%, sodium para-nitrophenolate 49.1%
1: Broad-spectrum,quick acting and high-efficiency
sodium nitrophenolat is a new plant growth regulator, used in any plants whole growth stage all have a good effects. Over 30degree, play effect within 24hours. Over 25degree, play effect within 48hours, quick-acting well, it can increase fertilizer & pesticides efficiency over 30% after add Sodium nitrophenolate, this can reduce application quantity, make pesticides effect much more obvious. This can increase crops quality, make grain seed full,make vegetables leaf much more thicker, eggplant crops much more meat, taste well, increase crops ability of resist-disease, resist-cold, resist-dry, resist-drought, resist-alkali ,resist-lodging.
2: Low cost and toxicity and residue
Sodium nitrophenolate only need few unit money per 667square meters can bring great benefit for factory. Sodium nitrophenolate increase physiological activity of animal,stimulate cell metabolism,improve animals immunity ability,accelerate cell division and proliferation. It have many advantage such as small dosage, good effect, low cost, no-toxicity for animal and human. It has been widely used in aquaculture as a feed additive for live stock. It not only increase output and quality of meat,eggs and furs,but also enhance immunity of animals and prevent many diseases.
3.Regulate harmones in plants body, after absorbed by plant, sodium nitrophenolate can regulate activity and balance of auxin, cytokinin, ethylene, GA in plants to promote  growth much more vigorous, strong, high yield, not easy ageing.
4.Resistance detoxificationAfter absorbed by plant, sodium nitrophenolat can balance C/N ratio, increase resist disease and make it stronger, increase resist-ability. For suffer phytotoxicity fat harm or other natural disasters of plants, it have detoxifyingfunction.
Application technical:
1. Make water formulation and powder formulation in singleSodium nitrophenolate is a high-efficiency plant growth regulator, can make into 1.4%1.8%、2% water and power formulation, also can mix with Sodium a-naphthaleneacetic to make 2.85% fast harvest water formulation.
2. Sodium nitrophenolate mix with foliar fertilizer.Sodium nitrophenolate can promote plant absorb nutrient of foliar fertilizer and play effect quickly.
3. Sodium nitrophenolate can mix with compound fertilizer and wash fertilizer.Sodium nitrophenolate make root developed, leaf thicker and greener, stem stronger, fruit bigger, colour beautiful, earlier sell in market, application dosage is 10-15g per 667square meters.
4. Sodium nitrophenolate mix with fungicide.
Sodium nitrophenolate can increase plant resist-ability, reduce pathogen infection, increase resist-disease ability. After mix with fungicides, it have antiseptic function to make it play obvious effect within 2days, effect can last over 20days, increase efficiency over 30-60%, reduce applciation quantity over 10%(reference application quantity is 2-5‰)
5. Sodium nitrophenolate mix with insecticides
Sodium nitrophenolate can mix with many kinds insecticides, widen insecticides spectrum, increase the efficacy, prevent insecticides produce phytotoxicity when application(reference application quantity is 2-5‰).
6. Sodium nitrophenolate mix with Seed Coatings
Sodium nitrophenolate can short dormancy stage, promote cell division, induce root growth and burgeon, resist boycott of the pathogen intrusion, make young plant stronger( mix quantity is 1).
1. When use Sodium nitrophenolate, should control application dosage strictly, because it can resist seed germination and plant regulator growth once dosage is too high.
2. Sodium nitrophenolate can mix with pesticides and fertilizer, when spray can add adhesive to reduce pesticides run off.
3. Sodium nitrophenolate should stoped use before pod bearing period of boll vegetables, it should stoped use one month before harvest of tabacco to prevent excess reproductive growth.


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