Amino Acid Granule
Amino Acid Granule
Amino Acid Granule
Amino Acid Granule
Amino Acid Granule
Amino Acid Granule

Key Specifications / Features

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Amino acid granule is refined from corn as the major raw material without adding any chemical substances,made through spraying granulation process after the concentration of the bio-fermentation and refinery of MSG extract.It is a new type organic nitrogen fertilizer, and it's harmless,efficient,green organic fertilizer.
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Detail Infomation

Guaranteed Analysis
Amino Acid≥8-10%

Humic Acid≥10-15%

N-P-K 16-0-1

Organic Matter≥25%

Size: 2-4mm

Black Shiny Round Granule


1)Provide organic matters, nitrogenpotassium and microelements to the plant.

2)Improve soil fertility, promote root growth.

3)Increase the utilization of mineral elements.

4)Improve drought resisting and disease resistance.

5)Increase the yield and quality.

Recommended Application

Base fertilizer: 450-750Kgs/Ha
Top dressing: 600-900Kgs/Ha

Regulate application amount according to different crops, different growth stages and the local soil and fertilizing habit.


Please make small scale test before wide-spread application.


It is available in 20kg, 25kg, 40kg, 50kg bag or as per request.


In a cool and dry place,keep from direct sunlight or frozen.




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