Compound Amino Acid Powder Fertilizer (plant origin)

Key Specifications / Features

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Beacon compound amino acid powder is derived from protein hydrolysis of plant origin(soybean, soybean meal, corn meal, etc.). It is excellent flowing, dissolves totally and instantly, easy to wet. It contains 17- 18 L-Amino acids which can significantly promote protein synthesis, increase yield and improve quality. It always is used as the foliar fertilizer, fertigation fertilizer, base fertilizer. It acts as a natural chelator for microelements in alkaline soils and increases their availability to plants.
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Detail Infomation

Guaranteed Analysis

Total Amino Acid: 45% / 60% / 70% / 80%

Light to Brown Yellow Powder


1)Improve stress tolerance for crops. 

2)Enhance root activity, prevent premature aging, etc.

3)Increase translocation and enzymatic processes in plants. 

4)Enhance photosynthesis and act as a natural growth hormone. 

5)Increase the cation exchange capacity in the root zone. 

6)Increase the absorption rate of most plant nutrients.

7)Encourage plant growth, health, increase crop yield.

Recommended Application

Foliar spray: diluted by 1:800-1000, 1-2Kgs/Ha

Drip irrigation: diluted by 1:200-300, 3-5Kgs/Ha

Base fertilizer: 10-15Kgs/Ha


It is allowed to mix with other fertilizers&pesticidesPlease make small scale test before wide-spread application.


It is available in 500g*24bags/carton, 1kg*12bags/carton, 5kg*4bags/carton, 10kg bag, 20kg bag or ton bag.


It must be kept in sealed (air tight) containers at all times for its hygroscopic feature and should be stored out of direct sunlight and preferably in a dry and cool place.



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