AmiTop Natural Liquid Plant Stimulant
AmiTop Natural Liquid Plant Stimulant
AmiTop Natural Liquid Plant Stimulant
AmiTop Natural Liquid Plant Stimulant

Key Specifications / Features

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Beacon AmiTop is a natural liquid plant stimulant from plant origin that contains organic matters and natural chelating agents that will enhance the nutrients and minerals to be readily available for plant and soil uptake. It is perfect for mixing in your sprayer, injector or irrigation system. Nearly all of the nitrogen is water soluble and is readily available to your plants. It is compatible with all known liquid and water soluble fertilizers.
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Detail Infomation

Guaranteed Analysis
Amino Acid≥30%
Organic Matter≥55%
Dark Brown Liquid
1) Improve stress tolerance for crops.
2) Enhance root activity, prevent premature ageing, etc.
3) Increase translocation and enzymatic processes in plants.
4) Enhance photosynthesis and act as a natural growth hormone.
5) Increase the cation exchange capacity in the root zone.
6) Increase the absorption rate of most plant nutrients.
7) Encourage plant growth, health,increase crop yield.
Recommended Application
Crop Application Period Foliar Application Soil Application
Vegetables Apply together with phytosanitary treatments each 15-20 days 200-250ml/100Ltrs water
Strawberry Post-transplant,
first flowers and every 15-20 days
150-250ml/100Ltrs water 10Ltrs/Ha
Fruit trees Budding,after fruit setting and fattening 250-300ml/100Ltrs water 15Ltrs/Ha
Citrus trees Pre-flowering,petal shedding and fattening 200-350ml/100Ltrs water 15Ltrs/Ha
Olive trees Sprouting,lump,
250-350ml/100Ltrs water 15Ltrs/Ha
Grape trees Sprouting,first flowers open and fattening 200-250ml/100Ltrs water 10Ltrs/Ha
Almond trees Sprouting,after fruit setting and fattening 250-350ml/100Ltrs water 15Ltrs/Ha
Banana Apply together with phytosanitary treatments 150-250ml/100Ltrs water 10Ltrs/Ha
Sugar beet Between 5th and 7th leaf,and 2 times more with other treatments 250-350ml/100Ltrs water 15Ltrs/Ha
Cereals Apply together with herbicide and pesticide treatments 250-300ml/100Ltrs water 15Ltrs/Ha
Ornamental crops 3-5 applications during the cycle 250-300ml/100Ltrs water 10Ltrs/Ha
Other crops Several applications(2-3) during crop cycle 200-300ml/100Ltrs water 15Ltrs/Ha
Please make small scale test when mixing with other fertilizers or pesticides before wide-spread application. Please shake before using.
It is available in 100ml*100bottles/carton,500ml*20bottles/carton,1L*12bottles/ carton, 5L*4drums/carton, 10L drum, 20L drum or 200L drum.
It must be kept in sealed (air tight) containers at all times for its hygroscopic feature and should be stored out of direct sunlight and preferably in a dry and cool place.


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