Concentrated NPK Liquid Fertilizer
Concentrated NPK Liquid Fertilizer
Concentrated NPK Liquid Fertilizer
Concentrated NPK Liquid Fertilizer

Key Specifications / Features

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Concentrated nutrition liquid fertilizer, Always Concentrated the NPK, Kinds of trace elements, Popular ones: NPK, Liquid K, liquid P, iron, Zinc, Calcium, Boron, They are all special for foliar fertilizer, Help the plants absorb the nutrition easily and quickly.
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Detail Infomation

Main Content of Concentrated Liquid Fertilizer
Item Formulation Color Character
1 B≥150g/L(10.9%) Light Yellow Liquid boron fertilizer is an organic liquid,easily soluble in water,and can be mixed with water in any proportion.Its solubility and absorbability is better than disodium octaborate tetrahydrate,no sodium ions,and is the  foliar boron fertilizer with best absorption among various boron fertilizers currently.
2 Zn≥170g/L Light Green Liquid zinc fertilizer is a kind of organic liquid zinc fertilizer,which is composed of natural sugar alcohol chelating agent,zinc and high efficiency nutrient auxiliaries.It has no hormone,no harm on leaf, no stimulation,and can be absorbed by leaf efficiently and fastly.It can effectively prevent the physiological diseases caused by zinc deficiency,like poor growth,lobules,yellow leaves,short plants, early plant senescence and poor quality,and enhance plant photosynthetic efficiency,promote plant growth, advance the capability to resist stress,increase the yield and improve the quality.
3 Fe≥6% Light Red Liquid iron fertilizer is a kind of organic chelating liquid iron fertilizer.With double chelating agents of sugar alcohol and organic nitrogen compounds,it can ensure the iron into the leaf to effectively supplement iron nutrition needed by plants,and can be absorbed by leaf efficiently and fastly to correct chlorosis.It can prevent and correct the physiological diseases caused by iron deficiency,like yellow leaves, early plant senescence and poor quality, and increase leaf nutrition,enhance photosynthesis, improve fruit quality,promote root growth, and advance legume nitrogen fixation ability,etc.
4 Ca≥160g/L;170g/L;180g/L Light Blue Liquid calcium fertilizer is a kind of natural sugar alcohol chelating organic calcium fertilizer.After spraying it,mannitol chelating agent carries the calcium ion quickly access to leaves or fruit, and rapidly transports calcium to the fruit parts which need calcium directly through xylem and phloem.It is a unique foliar calcium fertilizer  you can continue to use after the fruit bagging,and easier to use. 
5 N≥60g/L;K2O≥440g/L Light Yellow High concentration liquid organic nitrogen and potassium fertilizer,adopting special technology of organic nitrogen compounds chelating potassium,is a kind of compound foliar special high potassium fertilizer.It can quickly and effectively relieve the growth retardation,decreased resistance,early plant senescence caused by potassium deficiency.It is taken as a superior nutrition agent to supplement potassium to bring high quality and high yield.
6 N≥39g/L;P205≥370g/L;K2O≥16g/L;Ca≥39g/L Light Yellow Phosphorus and calcium root liquid is a kind of new functional liquid fertilizer to promote root.It can obviously promote the root growth,like watermelon,increase plants sweetness,and also can prevent cracking fruit and rotten fruit caused by calcium deficiency, and improve the capability to resist stress.
7 P2O5≥430g/L;K2O≥16g/L;Zn≥140g/L Light Green Liquid phosphorus and zinc fertilizer is a kind of high concentration and high content foliar nutrition,with organic main nutrients .It can fastly supplement phosphorus and zinc nutrition, force flower,retain flower and fruit,enhance photosynthetic conversion efficiency,prevent lobules,and obviously promote tuber crops expanding.


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