HumiNutrition Acid+NPK+TE Liquid Fertilizer
HumiNutrition Acid+NPK+TE Liquid Fertilizer
HumiNutrition Acid+NPK+TE Liquid Fertilizer
HumiNutrition Acid+NPK+TE Liquid Fertilizer
HumiNutrition Acid+NPK+TE Liquid Fertilizer
HumiNutrition Acid+NPK+TE Liquid Fertilizer
HumiNutrition Acid+NPK+TE Liquid Fertilizer
HumiNutrition Acid+NPK+TE Liquid Fertilizer

Key Specifications / Features

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Beacon HumiNutrition is a totally soluble liquid fertilizer with a full complement of macronutrients and chelated micronutrients based on humic acid. It can promote plant development during all growth stages and used as a general supplemental foliar fertilizer in agriculture for the prevention or elimination of nutrient deficiencies in a wide range of crops.
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Detail Infomation

Guaranteed Analysis
Humic Acid≥60g/L         
Fulvic Acid≥16g/L              
Amino Acid≥10g/L

B≥0.1g/L                                                                                                                                                                                               Fe(EDTA)≥0.5g/L      

Dark Brown Liquid    
1) Totally water soluble,anti-hard water,no-deposit,no-clogging on irrigation system, easy to be absorbed by plants.
2) Complement N,P,K the plant needs,reduce nutrient losses,improve nutrient uptake by plants.
3) Strengthen the resistance of stress and disease,promote growth.
4) Regulate soil pH balance,increase organic matters,improve soil structure and ability to hold water and fertilizers.
Recommended Application
Crop Dosage Application Period Effect
Rice 100ml/ 100Ltrs water In the stages of seedling,booting, heading and grain filling Promote the growth of root and seedling,and the panicle development,prevent the rice devitalization,improve the ripening rate and thousand grain weights
Melons and leaf vegetables 100-125ml/ 100Ltrs water
Seeds dressing,after transplanting,growth period Big and sweet melons,good fruit appearance,less abnormal,tender and green leaves,early maturity
Orange, banana, longan, litchi, mango and other tropical fruits etc 100-125ml/ 100Ltrs water
at intervals of 7-10days
During early and middle bearing fruit period,pest control period Increase output,ripe earlier than normal,improve the fruit qualities
100-125ml/ 100Ltrs water
Seed soaking stage, flower bud stage, young bell period Promote seeding,improve plant survival rate,promote new leaf growth,increase germination and boll rate
Tea,coffee 100-125ml/ 100Ltrs water
Twice each month after each harvest Increase leaf thickening, increase foliage and reduce stalk,healthy leaves and fruits
Please make small scale test when mixing with other fertilizers or pesticides before wide-spread application.Please shake before using.
It is available in 500ml*20bottles/carton,1L* 12bottles /carton,5L*4drums/carton, 10L drum,20L drum or 200L drum.
In a cool and dry place,keep from direct sunlight or frozen.
1) Spray before 10 a.m or after 5 p.m in sunny day.Cloudy day without rain is the best.Respraying is necessary if it rains within 4 hours after initial spraying.
2) Equally spray on both sides of leaves and the whole plant.
3) It is allowed to mix with other pesticides except strong acid pesticides and other hormones.
4) It is allowed to mix with other water-soluble compound fertilizers to improve the fertilizer efficiency.


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