HumiFert Well Balanced NPK Liquid Fertilizer
HumiFert Well Balanced NPK Liquid Fertilizer
HumiFert Well Balanced NPK Liquid Fertilizer
HumiFert Well Balanced NPK Liquid Fertilizer

Key Specifications / Features

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Beacon HumiFert is a totally soluble liquid fertilizer with a full complement of macronutrients and micronutrients. It is NPK-balanced to promote plant development during all growth stages. It is used as a general supplemental foliar fertilizer in agriculture for the prevention or elimination of nutrient deficiencies in a wide range of crops. It is also used for all types of fertilized cultivations (drip irrigation, microjet, spraying, subirrigation), soil and soilless cultivation.
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Detail Infomation

Guaranteed Analysis
Humic Acid≥4%
N-P-K 8-4-8
Dark Brown Liquid   
1) Totally water soluble, anti-hard water, no-deposit, no-clogging on irrigation system, easy to be absorbed by plants.
2) Complement N,P,K the plant needs, reduce nutrient losses, improve nutrient uptake by plants.
3) Strengthen the resistance of stress and disease, promote growth.
4) Regulate soil pH balance, increase organic matters, improve soil structure and ability to hold water and fertilizers.
Recommended Application
Foliar spray: diluted by 1:600-800.
Fertigation: diluted by 1:800-1000.
Fertilize with drip irrigation, root-irrigation and sprinkling irrigation,80-120Ltr/Ha. Increase or decrease the dosage according to the practical condition.
 Crop Application Period Application Method and Effect
Melons and fruits:wax gourd,towel gourd,bitter gourd,apple, pear,peach,
seedling 125-150ml/100Ltrs water spraying on seedling, to accelerate seedling growth and improve survival rate.
flowering and fruit setting 125-150ml/100Ltrs water spraying on leaves,to promote flower bud differentiation,adjust the ratio between male and female flowers, improve pollination and fruit setting percentage,prevent from aborted melons and deformed melons to increase yield.
fruit expanding 125-150ml/100Ltrs water spraying on leaves and seedling, to enhance photosynthesis, prevent leaves from presenility, advance fruit expanding, bring beautiful fruit, bright color and extend the picking time.
Grain crops:
rice,wheat, corn
seedling 125-150ml/100Ltrs water spraying on seedling, 1 application, to cultivate strong seedling.
tillering 125-150ml/100Ltrs water spraying on plants and leaves, 1-2 applications, to increase effective tillering, enhance photosynthesis.
jointing 125-150ml/100Ltrs water spraying on both sides of leaves, 1 application, to cultivate high yield group.
flowering 125-150ml/100Ltrs water spraying on both sides of leaves, 1 application, to increase pollination setting percentage.
filling 125-150ml/100Ltrs water spraying on both sides of leaves, to delay leaves senility, increase filling speed to improve yield and quality.
Please make small scale test when mixing with other fertilizers or pesticides before wide - spread application. Please shake before using.
It is available in 500ml*20bottles/carton,1L* 12bottles /carton, 5L*4drums/carton, 10L drum, 20L drum or 200L drum.
In a cool and dry place, keep from direct sunlight or frozen.
1) Spray before 10 a.m or after 5 p.m in sunny day. Cloudy day without rain is the best.Respraying is necessary if it rains within 4 hours after initial spraying.
2) Equally spray on both sides of leaves and the whole plant.
3) It is allowed to mix with other pesticides except strong acid pesticides and other hormones.
4) It is allowed to mix with other water-soluble compound fertilizers to improve the fertilizer efficiency.


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