CCC(Chlormequat Chloride)

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It is a kind of versatile plant growth regulator. It can be absorbed through leaves, branches, buds, the root system and seeds, control the plant excessive growth and cut down the knot of plant to be short, strong, coarse, root system to prosper and resist lodging. Leaves will be greener and thicker. CCC can improve the root of the absorptive capacity, significantly affect the accumulation of proline in plants, help to improve plant resistance, such as drought, cold, saline-alkali and disease resistance, The stoma of plant applied CCC becomes smaller, which reduces the transpiration rate, increased drought resistance, CCC can easily be in the soil enzymatic degradation, no adverse effect to afterculture crops, widely used in a variety of crops, can be compounded with many kinds of non-alkaline pesticide and fertilizer.
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Detail Infomation

Product Name: Chlormequat Chloride
Chemical Name: (2-Chloroethyl)-trimethylammonium chloride
Chemical Formula: C5H13Cl2N
Molecular Weight: 158.1
Physical and chemical character:  Pure Chlormequat Chloride is white crystal, has fishlike smell.Easily soluble in water, and becomes damp in air, dissolved in ethanol, slightly soluble in dichloroethane, no soluble in benzene, diethyl ether, pure ethanol, acetone and etc. Melting point 108.5℃,boiling point 260, stable under normal condition in 3 years, can not be compounded with ] strong base pesticide. Should be stored in glass containers or plastic containers of high-density
Toxicity: low toxicity. Rat acute oral LD50 is 670mg/Kg, male rabbit acute dermal  LD50  is 440mg/kg, 1000mg/kg in rats fed for 2 years without adverse effects.
Package: 25 kg/ bag, 200kg/drum
Specification: TC, SP, AS
Purity: 98% TC, 90% SP, 720G/L AS
1: The water and fertilizer condition should be well when apply CCC, it can get better effect when the whole crops are tending to soar growth. Please do not use CCC when growing condition is poor.
2: CCC decompose with alkali, can not be compounded with ] strong base pesticide.and fetilizer. personal protective equipment should be worn when use CCC, and clean in time after use.
3: Low toxicity,  eating long time contact with skin is forbidden. general first-aid measures and symptomatic treatment can be taken to poisoned people.

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