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KT-30 is developed by the Unite States, allow to be used in USA, European Union and Japan, it is also a kind of plant growth regulator permitted to apply to watermelon, grape, kiwifruit and other fruits by China's Ministry of Agriculture. It is the most activated synthetic cytokinin at present, The bioavailability of KT-30 is 10-100 times of that of 6BA. It can promote cell division and expansion, Induce bud development, prevent flowers and fruits dropping. KT-30 is a high efficient plant growth accelerator, it can accelerate growth of seedings, enlarge fruit, promote germination of dormant buds to increase yield.
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Trade name:Forchlorfenuron
Chemical name:1-(2-chloro-4-pyridyl)-3-phenylurea
English name:Forchlorfenuron、N-(2-Chloro-4-pyridyl)-N′-phenylurea
Molecular formula: C12H10ClN3O
Molecular Weight:247.68
Physical and chemical character:White crystal powder with faint smell of pyridine, melting point is 171, solubility in water:  39mg/L(pH6.4,21℃), difficultly dissolve in water, dissolve in organic solvent easily,such as ethanol,methanol and acetone etc. It's stable under normal storage conditions.
Toxicity: It is plant growth regulator with low toxicity. Technical rat oral acute LD50 is 4918mg/kg, rat dermal acute LD50>20000mg/kg, has slight irritation to skin and eyes of rabbit. Fish acute LC50(96 hours ),rainbow trout  9.2mg/kg。
1: This product is not conductible, please use it strictly according to the stage, dosage and method, do not increase dosage arbitrary without test.
2: The 0.1% water soluble formulation is easily volatilize, please keep in sealing preservation after use.


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