Sodium 5-nitroguaiacolate

Key Specifications / Features

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Red crystal, Melting point: 105-106℃(free acid)soluble in water, easy to dissolve in organic solvents such as ethyl alcohol, acetone, diethyl and chlorinate, and remains stable in storage under normal conditions.
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Detail Infomation

Product Name: Sodium 5-nitroguaiacolate
Molecular formula: C7H6NO4Na
Relative molecular weight: 191.1174
Physical and chemical character:
Toxicity: It is low toxic PGR according to the classification standard of pesticide toxicity. For female and male mouse's acute mouth LD50 is 1270 and 3100mg/kg respectively, no stimulation to eye and skin, the inaction dosage for mouse in 3-month feeding test is 400mg/kg,  no mutational function animals within the test dosage.
1: High activity. Although the ration of Sodium 5-nitroguaiacolate is one- sixth in sodium nitrophenolate, it is the key content, sodium p-nitrophenolate and sodium O-nitrophenolate  are just subsidiarity. Yet because its producing technology is complicated, takes long time, and low yields, its cost is high. Some factories will lower its ration or even add no sodium 5-nitroguaiacolate in sodium nitrophenolate, then the sodium nitrophenolate is fake product.
2: Use as antidote. As a cellular activator, it is used as antidote. Because of its high activity, it can accelerate the damaged cellt ransdifferentiation, heal the wound tissue, and decrease the occur of phytotoxicity.
3: As a cellular activator, it can regulate plant growth. With strong osmosis, it can rapidly enter plants, promote flow of cellular protoplasm, accelerate plant germination, stimulate growth, reproduction and bearing, and help fertility. It can be used in seed soaking, irrigation, bud spread and foliage spray. It is often used in compound sodium nitrophenolate,which is a high efficiency plant growth regulator, acting as the core active ingredient. Usually it is added to fertilizers and pesticides to enhance their effects.
4: Application in animal husbandry and fishery, To be used in feed formulation, it can rapidly enter animal bodies, stimulate animal appetite, improve absorption of nutrition by animals, accelerate animal growth and development, enhance immunity of animals, and increase the quality and quantity of meat, eggs, milk, fur and wool.
Application Principle:
1: Promote photosynthesis of leaves, :and formation of dry matters.
2: Deliver the product of photosynthesis to fruit.
3: Promote root system, enhance the absorb and transportation of major element as N.P, K and minor element as Zn, Fe, and Cu.
4: Activate nitrate reductase, increase transform ration of nitric nitrogen, accelerate formation of amino acid and protein.
5: Increase ggermination percentage of pollen and accelerate the growing of pollen tube, increase fructification of set fruit.
6: Lower cell membrane permeability, prolong life span of cell, and prevent plant from early  senescence
Package: 1KG/bag×25 bags/fiber drum             
Specification: TC powder
Purity: 98%


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